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Exchanging stories and ideas with fellow gardeners and writers is inspiring, fun and enjoyable.

I’ve been gardening since I was a little boy. Recently, (in the last 20 years), I’ve become a Certified Master Gardener to further feed my passion for gardening, especially growing my food, preparing and preserving it. More importantly, gardening provides an excellent environment for the profound study of life and living.

I invite your photos, articles, experiences, questions,  and participation. Please comment freely. That’s what will make our little band of friends a pleasure. I believe food gardening, like the Victory Gardens of the past, are an increasingly attractive aspect of current modern trends toward a more pure, wholesome and green lifestyle.

It just doesn’t make good common sense to me that the common menu item on our dinner plate travels 1500 miles before it reaches our table. What a waste! That’s a waste of food quality, time, energy, transportation infrastructure and etc., etc., etc.. We can do better!